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Rummy Gaming Experience Enhanced at Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy is an online rummy gaming site that offers the best in rummy gaming for Indian residents. Operating across India, the site provides gamers with several rummy variants and contests for exciting rummy game play. the site recently announced they are now offering even more great gaming options with new features added to the site. (15/07)

New Mobile Application for Rummy Gamers

Mobile gambling has become the top choice for gamblers of most every gambling game as players have the opportunity to enjoy games on the go. With an internet connection and mobile device, you can easily take part in casino gaming via mobile and wager as you wish without having to be stuck at home. It was recently announced by Ace2Three that a new mobile application for rummy is now available for members! (18/06)

Ace2Three Introduces New Rummy Variant

The game of rummy is one that can be enjoyed in many different variant and formats. Players can enjoy the game with friends in card forms or even in online game play. Ace2Three is a top quality provider of online rummy gaming options and the group has now announced they are offering a new 9 players game. The new game will help to provide a new challenge to rummy players to help sharpen playing skills. (25/02)

Rummy Site Develops New Interface

Gin rummy is a fun card game that can be played in several variants. Players enjoy the game online and in real time with friends or family. The game of rummy can easily be played at the Adda52rummy site, a new option for Indian players. The site offers a wide selection of rummy gaming and recently announced a new gaming interface was created. (15/01)

Rummy Tournament Going International

Gin rummy is a popular card game that can be played in live form as well as online. The game is very popular in India and the World Rummy Tournament hosted by Pan India Network Limited is always a big hit with players. The tournament took place first in 2012 and the next edition will take place in March of 2014. (31/12)

Gin Rummy Site Offering Special December Competition

Gin rummy fans will be excited to hear that a top online rummy site is now offering a special competition this December. Adda52 is a rummy site based in India that offers a wide selection of gin rummy variants and recently announced they are now offering a Gold Rush competition. Players can play rummy at absolutely no cost in a tournament at the site and then earn gold coins! (11/12)

Indian Rummy Site Wants to Branch Out

The game of rummy is one that can be enjoyed in many forms and is popular in both land and online play. However, with technology constantly evolving, online game play has skyrocketed. Players can log on to gaming sites and enjoy gin rummy for fun or for real money, earning nice paydays along the way. One rummy site, based in India, would like to branch out and offering their gaming to other nations but are currently unable to do so. (25/11)

Classic Rummy Reaches Third Anniversary of Operation

Gin rummy is a popular card game that has been around for decades. The game was popular to play with friends and now has become a popular online game as well. Players can log on to their favorite gaming sites and easily enjoy the game for fun or for real money. Classic Rummy is one such site that is dedicated to the game of rummy and its many variants. The site is very popular in India and has now celebrated their third year in operation. (08/11)

Diwali Rummy Tournament in Play

The 5th edition of the Diwali Rummy Tournament began running qualifiers on the 12th of October and will continue until the 1st of November. The long rummy tournament is in its fifth year and is one of the most prestigious events to take place and will be running on the 2nd of the November. . The tournament is held every year with Diwali and coincides with the RummyCircle website. (17/10)

New Gin Rummy Game Available for Android

Concrete Software is a top quality mobile gaming provider. The company offers gamers a wide selection of gaming options from unique gaming options to card games. Concrete Software recently announced they are now offering a new gin rummy game for players to enjoy. The new game is titled Aces Gin Rummy and can be enjoyed via the Android mobile device. (28/03)

Gin Rummy Game Launched for Mobile Devices

The game of gin rummy is one that many people enjoy, whether it is for fun or for money. Players can play the game in many different forms including mobile devices. Kuralsoft recently announced the release of a new update of their gin rummy game. Best Gin Rummy 1.6 is now available for the iOS which means players can enjoy the game on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. (08/03)

Rummy Royal Tournament Options

Online gaming is a top pastime of millions of people all across the globe. Everyone has their own favorite game from table gaming options to poker and more. One option that players enjoy is gin rummy. This game can be played at most online gambling sites but a top provider of the game is Rummy Royal. This site offers a wide selection of gaming options from promotions to special tournament options. (27/02)

Fabulous Freerolls at Rummy Royal

Online gin rummy site, Rummy Royal, is a top provider of online gin rummy gaming options. The site is full of opportunities from tournaments to promotions and free roll options. The free rolls are a very big draw at the site as players are able to enjoy their favorite online rummy variants for absolutely no fee! The site provides four different options which players enjoy on a regular basis! (31/01)

The Super Board at Rummy Royal

Rummy Royal is a top online gambling site that offers nothing but the game of gin rummy. Players will find many different variants of the game that are available at different buy-in levels. The site is for those of different skill levels and bank rolls, so players will always be able to find a game they can play. The site offers a wide selection of rummy variants from Kalooki to standard gin and they also offer other gaming options such as special tournaments and contests. (27/12)

Rummy Royal Freeroll Options

Online rummy site, Rummy Royal, is a top provider of online rummy gaming options. The site offers four different types of freeroll options so players can earn free cash for even more rummy gaming options! The site is open to all players and the freerolls take place each and every month. (09/11)

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