777 Jackpot at Rummy Royal
Rummy Royal is a great online gaming site which offers the best in gin rummy gaming options and variants. The site has a long list of rummy games as well as tournament options so players can enjoy the game of rummy at any time! One option the site provides is 777 Jackpot Rummy.

The 777 Jackpot option is a fast tournament option which is located under the Quick Tourney’s tab. Players simply play their very best and earn seven consecutive wins to take home the top prize of $777! Players can win prizes for having consecutive wins, starting out at four wins.

Four wins, will give players a prize of $20 while five consecutive wins will give players $100 in cash. Six consecutive wins will pay out $250, and of course, the top prize is $777 for seven wins in a row! The stakes are low, which makes it very easy for players to compete in the special jackpot challenge.

There are two tables in which players can play the $777 Jackpot games. Both tables have $7 in stakes and players can choose to play either Kalooki 51 or Kalooki 40 during the special jackpot games. If you are able to earn a prize then you must claim the reward.

The consecutive wins must come during a forty eight hour period from the first win. Players will also need to send in an email to support at Rummy Royal to be able to earn the prize money. Players will have the money sent to their player account within one business day.

- 2012-07-25

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