Ace2Three Introduces New Rummy Variant
The game of rummy is one that can be enjoyed in many different variant and formats. Players can enjoy the game with friends in card forms or even in online game play. Ace2Three is a top quality provider of online rummy gaming options and the group has now announced they are offering a new 9 players game. The new game will help to provide a new challenge to rummy players to help sharpen playing skills.

The new variant is very exciting as it is played with three decks and consists of nine players. The game is a refined version of a standard rummy game. With regular rummy, the number of players at the table is limited. However, this option provides nine players at the table which consists of more rapid pace and exciting game play.

In this version of rummy, players will use three decks and this can really change up game play. There are many cards to manage and players are challenged to keep track of game play, which can be very exciting. The rules are very similar to regular game play, yet there are interesting changes as compared to standard game play that make this game very different.

Players who feel as though they can handle the new gaming option should head to Ace2Three to get started taking part in the new game. The gaming portal is the top choice for players in India and one that continues to change up the way rummy is played and enjoyed. Not only can visitors take part in the new gaming variant but also take part in various online rummy games. To take part in this special gaming option, players can head over to the site to get started. New players are welcomed and should get ready to have a great time.

- 2014-02-25

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