Classic Rummy Reaches Third Anniversary of Operation
Gin rummy is a popular card game that has been around for decades. The game was popular to play with friends and now has become a popular online game as well. Players can log on to their favorite gaming sites and easily enjoy the game for fun or for real money. Classic Rummy is one such site that is dedicated to the game of rummy and its many variants. The site is very popular in India and has now celebrated their third year in operation.

The rummy site was first launched three years ago on October 21st. The site offers many gaming options and to celebrate the online rummy room launched the special Jumbo Rummy Tournaments. This option allowed for both free game and play and cash option. In the game, players will be competing for prize money as they challenge other players to show off their skills at the game. The site hosted special tournaments and over 3,000 players were able to compete in each tournament.

The Classic Rummy site has been proud of their accomplishments and the Divisional Head of Marketing, Ajay Kulkarni, spoke in a press release on the subject stating that the site has had an amazing journey thus far. The customers have responded well to the product and loyal players have allowed the site to grow since first launching just over three years ago. The site began with just a few thousands players and now there are mover 8 lakh in the mix.

The number of players visiting the site continues to grow daily and more log on to be able to take advantage of the different rummy games. The site offers a variety of variants including traditional 13 card Indian rummy. Each game can be played for free or for real money so the options are endless no matter how large your bank roll!

- 2013-11-08

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