Gin Rummy Site Offering Special December Competition
Gin rummy fans will be excited to hear that a top online rummy site is now offering a special competition this December. Adda52 is a rummy site based in India that offers a wide selection of gin rummy variants and recently announced they are now offering a Gold Rush competition. Players can play rummy at absolutely no cost in a tournament at the site and then earn gold coins!

Players can earn these coins in all major tournaments at the site and even when referring friends. The site is offering new player bonuses so this is a great incentive to get your friends to sign up! Not only can players earn gold coins but cash and prizes are up for grabs as well. From iPhones to trips, the site is offering it all!

The idea behind the Gold Rush event is to allow players to compete in premier tourneys and receive larger returns. The site wanted to make gin rummy more exciting and they will continue to provide new offers so their players will continue to be engaged and entertained. The Gold Rush event is just one of many that the site has to offer.

The site already gave away prizes and cash of all types last month and continued this tradition this month with the new event. They decided to offer gold coins as well this time around because they felt the coins played well to the season. Players can now get started earning gold coins and other great prizes by visiting the online gambling site.

Players who are not in India can still enjoy gin rummy at their favorite online casino or specialty gaming site such as Rummy Royal. The game can easily be found and enjoyed while online, whether for play or for real cash!

- 2013-12-11

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