Indian Rummy Site Wants to Branch Out
The game of rummy is one that can be enjoyed in many forms and is popular in both land and online play. However, with technology constantly evolving, online game play has skyrocketed. Players can log on to gaming sites and enjoy gin rummy for fun or for real money, earning nice paydays along the way. One rummy site, based in India, would like to branch out and offering their gaming to other nations but are currently unable to do so.

Adda52 is the online gaming website based in India that is owned by Gaussian Networks Pvt Ltd. This site offers both poker and rummy and the site would like to branch out to other markets. However, the site is unable to do so based on regulation restrictions. MediaNama spoke with the CEO of Adda52, Anuj Gupta and Gupta stated that customers would like to play with rummy players outside of the country.

The site would like to create the regulatory framework to be able to offer this option but the major restriction right now is currency flow. The currency is not currently convertible and the Reserve Bank of India must give permission to be able to convert a large amount of rupees to another currency. When the Indian Rupee is convertible to international currency, the website would be able to go international.

The site has many users who enjoy both the rummy gaming options as well as the poker gaming. Many of the players are from Bangalore, in South India, as well as Hyderabad, Goa, Mumbai and Chennai. The players that frequent the rummy site are between the ages of twenty five to fifty. The company was first created in 2011 and had to appear in court as no other site existed and the boundaries had to be set forth.

- 2013-11-25

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