Lucky Dollar Tournaments at Rummy Royal
Gin Rummy is a popular game that can be found at many online gaming sites. One such site is Rummy Royal. Rummy Royal offers their members a large selection of gin rummy games including Kalooki, Okey and much more. The online rummy site also offers many other options including tournaments as well. One such tournament is The Lucky Dollar tournament.

The Lucky Dollar tournament takes place each Sunday and has a buy-in of just $1 so anyone can afford to compete. The tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $500 so players are able to win a nice cash prize for a very low buy-in amount.

The tournament takes place at 1500 GMT each Sunday and since Gin Rummy is still a semi-popular game, the fields are usually small. This means less competition and more opportunity for players to win the top prizes.

To compete in the tournaments, players will need to go to the Real Mode tab which is located in the Multi-Tourney tab. From there, players will find the $500 Lucky Dollar option and players will need to click twice to get started.

Players will then need to click on the register button when the Tourney Lobby pops up. The tournament will then begin and players will be automatically seated. Starting is easy, and in no time, players will be on their way to enjoying the tournament option and hopefully earning a nice cash prize!

After competing in the tournament, players will be able to enjoy other gin rummy options as well. There are so many different gaming options; players will be able to enjoy the game of rummy for hours and hours!

- 2011-11-08

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