New Gin Rummy Game Available for Android
Concrete Software is a top quality mobile gaming provider. The company offers gamers a wide selection of gaming options from unique gaming options to card games. Concrete Software recently announced they are now offering a new gin rummy game for players to enjoy. The new game is titled Aces Gin Rummy and can be enjoyed via the Android mobile device.

The Aces Gin Rummy is live and is one of the latest additions to the company’s card gaming options. The game is based on the gin rummy option but has unique characters to make the card game different. Keith Pichelman, the CEO of Concrete Software, commented on the new gaming option by stating:

“We wanted to do something a little different with this title. We had already established a unique visual style with some of our other card game titles, like Aces Hearts and Aces Spades, but we felt like we could get even more creative with the characters. Especially by adding the option to select a player avatar.”

Players can use the avatar selector to choose a character out of the eleven available. The characters are unique and allow for players to customize their game. Players will enjoy creating their character option and then playing the gin rummy game. Game play is classic but the characters give the game a certain spin which makes game play unique.

Players can check out the new game by using their android device and downloading the new game. Download time is fast and players will soon have a great way to pass the time. Players can also use the game to practice their rummy game so that they can learn more about the game and get ready to play for real money at their favorite online casino site!

- 2013-03-28

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