RM Royal Media Adds new Rummy Game to Portfolio
RM Royal Media has announced they have expanded their internet portfolio. The company now has added a new rummy game called Burraco to their portfolio. This game is also known as Canasta in South America and is very popular there as well as in Italy.

Burraco will now be included with the other rummy games that the company offers. RM Royal Media also offer Oklahoma, Rummy 500, Kalooki 40/51, Turk Rummy, Traditional rummy and Gin rummy. The new game of Burraco is a multi player game which can be played with partners or two to four people.

The game is played with two decks and twos act as wildcards and the jokers are also played as well. Players are trying to make a Canasta which is a run of 7 or a set of 7 and then meet all the cards to get a certain score.

RM Royal Media runs a rummy network which consists of several sites. These sites are Offsidebet, RummyExpress, 32RedRummy and each of these sites will now offer the new rummy game.

- 2010-06-11

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