Rummy Gaming Experience Enhanced at Classic Rummy
Classic Rummy is an online rummy gaming site that offers the best in rummy gaming for Indian residents. Operating across India, the site provides gamers with several rummy variants and contests for exciting rummy game play. the site recently announced they are now offering even more great gaming options with new features added to the site.

The website will now offer new features for game play which will make gaming easier for players to get started in tournament options. Members of the site will now have the option to log in with a mobile number, email or username. Players will also have the option of cutting the deck before each game which would replicate game play in the real world.

When registering, players will have more options for finding the home city based on state selection. Even more player protection has been added to make it easy for players to be protected if they are disconnected from the internet. Fairing gaming is achieved now with a single deck used for two player games.

The site will now have no wait times for tournaments as the next table will be allocated immediately and multiple rejoins will be available for each tournament level. Players will also be able to use a one-time password to confirm a withdrawal request. The greatest feature perhaps is the Player Protection System. This new system will help to keep players information and financials safe so that players can rest assured. The internet system of India is not exactly reliable and players can be kicked offline rather easily.

Overall, the new changes are sure to make the site more secure and definitely more reliable. Players will find an inviting experience and feel good about joining the rummy site and taking part in the many gaming opportunities available.

- 2014-07-15

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